What $5.00 A Month Can Do To Help Your Business

Helping your business

For those of you who are paid members of the Peninsula Bookkeepers Association, congratulations on making a smart business decision. For those of you who are considering joining the PBA, there's no better time than now.


It's so easy to get buried in the day-to-day of bookkeeping - the client meetings, the data entry and reconciling, payroll deadlines, and (ugh!) tax season.  But it's just as important to take - to make - the time to grow your knowledge base, improve your visibility in your profession, and hang out with other like-minded numbers gurus!

Here are just a few things that your $60 per year membership buys you:


- A listing on the Find a Bookkeeper page on our new and improved PBA website.  If you type in "Peninsula Bookkeeper" on Google, you'll see this site comes up right on top, helping future clients easily find you.

-Monthly meetings with informational speakers on timely and important topics to help you both personally as well as professionally

-An opportunity to network with other bookkeepers to share business leads, bookkeeping tips and tricks, best practices, and good 'ole practical knowledge

These are just a few things that $5 and 2 hours a month buys you!


Need more reasons?  Click below to ask a question, or to join the group!

Steven Cassingham